Edakkal Caves - Wayanad

It is located 12km from Sultan Bathery, and is the largest group of caves in Kerala. The other is in Nilambur. They were accidentally discovered by Fred Fawcett in 1890. Acknowledging their significance in culture, anthropology and science, he wrote an article on it. Many scientists and anthropologists still visit the caves to stuffy them.They are about a kilometre from the base of the Ambukuthi Hill, near Ambalavayal. You have to trek up a kilometer from Edakkal, to reach the caves. And entry is permitted only up to 5 p.m. The rocky caves are said to be a fissure made by a corner of the rock splitting off from the main body as a result of natural reasons. Scientists believe that a huge rock, which has fallen over the cleft, has lain as a roof over a large part of it. The walls of the three caves have carvings of human and animal figures and objects of human use and symbols on them. These Neolithic pictographs are the only kind found till now in south India. The oldest petroglyph may date as far back as 8,000 years ago. There are indications that the caves have been inhabited at various points in the past.


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