Trekking In Wayanad

The Western Ghats in Wayanad have been preserved in its most natural form in the district. Forests, mountains, waterfalls, rivers, flora and fauna are as varied as you can imagine. There are various trekking packages across Wayanad – you can choose from easy nature trails to multiple-day treks over hard terrain. You also have the option of camping in the forest.

Chembra Peak is a famous location for amateur and experienced trekkers. Brahmagiri Hills and Pakshipathalam also have well-known trekking routes. Experienced trekkers can check out the Meenmutty to Nilambur route. It takes about a day to cover the stretch of rainforest area and reach the Nilambur forest range

Trace the river's course at Paloli puzha – there are short and long treks available here. You cover about 30km in this day-long trek. Vythiri is another place dotted with good trekking routes amid forests and waterfalls.


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