River Rafting Wayanad

Choose the adrenaline driven river rafting in Wayanad for that ultimate rush! The Kabini River that flows through Wayanad is the main area of action. There are many places along the river where you can embark a trip from. Forests, swamps, islands and occasional countryside and residences come by your way on a rafting trip. And since there's no hurry to reach any place in particular, guests are welcome to stop by and talk to people or explore inwards.

The rafts are made of durable, wild bamboo, fastened with coir rope. They are supported by large truck tyre tubes, comfortable enough to sit on and row. Professional equipment and standard rafting gear and accessories will be provided by the host agencies. There will be the necessary life jackets, helmets, paddles and first aid kit. An experienced rafter will be accompanying you as well on the journey. The rafting route is flexible and you have the advantage of having an escort vehicle nearby, at all times. The raft itself will hold some fruits, snacks and mineral water for the guests.

If you're interested to go exploring the Kuruvadweep Island in the Kabini River, stop over and do so. You can check out the bamboo forests or go for a stroll in the island. The best time to go rafting is between June and October. But beware, the Monsoons can be pretty tough. And more than just getting wet, you might bump into rocks or get sloshed with mud.


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